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Saratoga Consignment Studio


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3306 South Broadway

Saratoga Springs, NY

(518) 450-1363


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Why Consignment?

We make it simple! Exposure is the key to selling your consignments.  Saratoga Consignment Studio allows hundreds of potential buyers to preview your consignments!


Everyone has heard the term, "shabby-chic" by now thanks to all the different home decorating shows on HGTV and DIY.  Show after show, you watch the upscale decorators and designers raid consignment shops to completely redecorate rooms on a shoestring budget.  Now it's your turn to get those stylish looks into your rooms at a tremendous discount.  When you're refreshing your home, make it unique.  Plus at resale prices, you can afford to try a new decor!  Then, if it's not for you, just pass it back on the consignment shop.  Consignment shops always love new used furniture arrivals.


Great selection with consigment!


Furniture is always changing at the studio.  If you don't find it today, you probably will next week or even tomorrow. It's common to save more than 50% off of retail prices when you shop resale and savings of 90% are not unheard-of.  Look around your home.  Is there anything that you remember buying at a great bargin?  Most likely, if there is something that you bought for a super price, you will remember the whole story complete with the price. Shopping resale stretches the value of your money by allowing you better quality at any price level.  Why buy cheap when you can buy inexpensively?  Resale prices are too good to pass up. Great quality at low prices doesn't stay in the studio for very long.


Please call us for an appointment and maximize the exposure and marketability of your furniture, antiques, accessories and decorative items with Saratoga Consignment Studio.


Your items will be shown at their best!  We act as your agents.  By selecting Saratoga Consignment Studio you avoid strangers in your home viewing your possessions, advertising costs, and the stresses of selling on your own. Our method is hassle free and maximizes your earnings potential.  Our services are well worth the commission that we charge and can save you time and earn you more.



Other Options


Internet Sales & Online Classified Ads – Eliminate the risk of accepting personal checks, fraudulent cashier’s checks, and yes, counterfeit money in many cases. Internet scams and theft is prevalent in today’s society. We encourage you to let our staff handle your quality home furnishings, antiques and decorative items.  


Newspaper Advertising – Our research has convinced us that classified ads yield a small percentage of sales. In many cases, sellers ultimately consign with us after little, if any, interest from classified ads. The average classified ad can run between $50-$100 per week. Consignment eliminates having strangers in your home and does not jeopardize the safety of your family or your property.


Garage Sale! – Without a doubt, Saratoga Consignment Studio will maximize the value of your quality furniture and home accessories beyond any amount you could ever generate in through a garage sale